Rammerstone is an Earth Slug. It is mainly found in Low Rock Cavern. It is an earth Slug, and it's power type is ramming (hence it's name) smashing, and rocks. They are common and good Slugs for beginners. Eli Shane owns one that he obtained in a tournament along with an Arachnet and so does Kord Zane and Billy. Will Shane and Thaddius Blakk both owned a Rammerstone, but Blakk abandoned his after Will beat it. When it hits 100 Mph it gain the characteristics of a ram.


Rockhorn: Projectiles self with curved horns.

Batterup: Massive uppercut with huge rocky fists.

Hammerstone: Rapid fire-bashes from rocky fists.

Rockstorm: Shoots projectile rocks from fists.

Sandscorn: Hits the ground with a massive impact, causing earthquakes or tearing up a path

Slabhenge: Hits the ground and slams rocks up, forming a rocky defensive wall.

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